Tesla Pickup truck

Revolution in pickup segment could start with brand new Tesla Pickup truck. This company is best-known of its all-electric vehicles. Except fuel-friendly concept, Tesla is good in fuel economy. Most of the trucks out in the market have poor rating because of their power needed to tow. Nevertheless, a 4×4 Tesla pickup could change that. According to announces, power output is going to be at top level, with significant increase of mileage. Furthermore, new truck offers quality features, interior design and bed innovations. Well, platform is ready, and we think this model is worth of waiting.

Tesla Pickup truck

Tesla Pickup truck engine

A 4-wheel drive system is innovation in Tesla’s business. Dual-motor usage is common. Both features will be used on new Tesla Pickup truck. Plans are saying that new vehicle will be able to tow as much as Class 3 trucks. Some parts could increase records to Class 4. This means Tesla truck will be capable of hauling 14,000 pounds, or 6350 kg. This is possible only if company installs biggest ever battery pack under the hood. Estimated output is from 160 hp to 215 hp. Fans hope for even tougher vehicle with 300-400 horses. However, it is not so certain.

Tesla Pickup truck front

Tesla Pickup truck plans

Master plan of the Tesla company is to improve usage of energy. Also, storage solutions for batteries are questionable, since Tesla Pickup truck needs a lot of space for its powertrain. SolarCity merger is still idea, and it is not likely to happen any time soon. Nevertheless, if Tesla comes with electric power, that is going to cause revolution in truck segment. Furthermore, plans include solar system panels for energy charging.

Tesla Pickup truck side

Tesla Pickup truck platform

Most experts are in doubt that Tesla Pickup truck will be able to compete Ford F-150. However, this model won’t be special just under the hood. Futuristic design will definitely cause interest of younger population. Also, natural-friendly truckers are going to love it bold design. Smooth fascia and tough grille don’t unveil Tesla truck is electric vehicle. Huge ground clearance gap will make it run over big obstacles during off-road drive. Also, bed of the pickup is going to bring innovations with new flat design.

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