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2019 Toyota Tacoma Diesel

New arrivals are prepared to take its place on market. Especially, new mid-size trucks like, 2019 Toyota Tacoma diesel. One of the favorite and top selling trucks will not miss an opportunity

2018 Ford F-550

Ford is finalizing refreshment of its entire heavy-duty truck segment. After changes in 2017 on F-650 and F-750, now it is time to see bigger updates on these vehicles, and 2018 Ford

Jeep Brute concept

Something that was part of the many rumors is coming for real. If we heard right, Jeep is developing new Brute truck. It will be conversion of the Wrangler JK. However, Jeep

2017 Mazda BT-50

Predecessors of Mazda vehicles did not get much positive reviews as company hoped. Demanding is high and also an expectations and especially competition. Slightly neglected design and poor presentation didn’t get much

2018 Toyota Hilux AT38

If you ever get stuck in snow, or any cold condition recognizable for North European countries, you will wish you were in 2018 Toyota Hilux AT38. This upgraded truck is excellent for

2017 Ram 1500 SRT Hellcat

The main representatives confirmed that new 2017 Ram 1500 SRT Hellcat may be in progress with transmission going more than 710 hp. But this statement is quite possible but not in recent

2017 Holden Colorado

One of the most favorite model of truck in Australia is Holden Colorado. This pickup is durable, which is very important in tough conditions and high temperatures on this continent. That’s why

2018 Ram Rampage

The new 2018 Ram Rampage is going to be a real outstanding vehicle comparing to its predecessors. Upcoming pickup truck is supposed to show how mixture of classic and new age can

2018 Ford F-150 Lightning

As one of the leaders in the segment, F-150 truck will offer few versions. Except few cab configurations, drive systems and trims, there will be more models. One of them is 2018

2018 GMC Sierra 1500

New 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 brings styling modifications and changes in engine room. These are part of mid-cycle refreshment, and radical moves won’t happen before 2020. Nevertheless, this truck will complete the