Lexus Pickup

Lexus Pickup is actually an idea which came from headquarters of Toyota company. The main idea is to provide something rich and luxurious for chosen clients. One more reason is to show their willing to obligate on such a creative way combining luxury and pleasure. Similar model is there to make some difference, and it is famous Hilux. This truck earned credit and quite reputation in the class. New Lexus Pickup vehicle is a good way to explore bounds with this type of vehicle.

Lexus Pickup

Lexus Pickup concept

No matter what we guess or claim, there will be no mistake about concept of this type of vehicle. Basic will be similar, but there are new features. Redesign makes body of vehicle made of aluminum and steel with extra stamina additions. Also, we know that main units will appear in two ways – single and double cab format. Expectations are high. So, the inner design brings more leather, LED lights and reshaped layout front and back. Digital updates will also be present, starting from touch screen and updates regarding to main wheel.

Lexus Pickup cabin

Lexus Pickup engine

Final decision about engine design and performance is still in a blur. However test trials will show best results of power train outcome. The most certain model is 5.7-liter V-8 since it shown well results on predecessor. Features are more than stunning and powerful engine, coupled to an eight-speed sequential gearbox. This engine delivers 383 hp and 405-pound feet torque which transmission goes to LX 570 to 113 mph with 0-60 mph in 7.2 seconds. Some numbers will surely go up but after final trial we can claim more reliably.

Lexus Pickup front

Lexus Pickup release

On this information will have to wait since the production isn’t started yet. It seems that long waiting will prosper in something unusual and unique. Main purpose is to match their product with client so this perfection can not be in rush. Some predictions says that in late 2019 will final promotion happen but after realizing main idea we will be more precisely.

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