Kia Pickup

Kia is overtaking market with new vehicles and affordable price. South Korean manufacturer is producing quality and reliable cars and crossovers. Now, they are ready to step in into truck market. Kia Pickup concept is in development, and Hyundai Santa Cruz is going to be its mannequin. However, Kia is preparing some of their unique styling for upcoming truck, which won’t be out in the market before 2018 season. Nevertheless, fans of these kinds of vehicles are on needles, waiting for official announcements about new pickup. Some rumors say that many other vehicles are going to inspire it, such as Tucson crossover.

Kia Pickup

Kia Pickup design

According to rumors, new Kia will start their exploration of new market from entry-level class. So, new truck is taking position in compact pickup segment. Exterior could be similar to new Tucson, but truck must have its unique details. That’s why sheet metal is new, with larger usage of aluminum parts. This makes Kia Pickup lighter, more maneuverable and possibly cheaper. We can’t doubt that latest infotainment and tech features will find their place in the cabin. Safety is going to be at highest level. In the matter of fact, new truck could be one of the safest vehicles in entire Kia family.

Kia Pickup rear

Kia Pickup engine

Since all of us are still waiting for official information about truck, there is no statement about powertrains. Nevertheless, sources close to project, shared some possibilities. Gasoline engine is base option, although its displacement is still unknown. On the other hand, diesel is optional. It is 2.0-l V4 turbo unit. This engine can make 200 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque, which is impressive for entry-level truck. Smaller vehicle means better fuel economy. According to sources, Kia Pickup can go 30 mpg in open road, and probably 25-26 mpg combined. This is for front-wheel drive models, and AWD is also going to be an option. Of course, they use slightly more fuel.

Kia Pickup cabin

Kia Pickup release and price

Kia could enter the truck market in 2018. However, possible delays in development can lead to later launch. Nevertheless, fans and competition expect new model from Korean carmaker. Especially rivals will be eager to see the price of Kia Pickup. To be compatible, company must position base unit somewhere between $20,000 and $25,000.

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