Jeep Mighty FC concept

Original and tough, the Jeep Mighty FC concept is coming into company plans with big expectations to success. Well, its unique design and high performance ensure us about that. It is hard to believe that new pickup is not going to make difference in the market. Its old-timer look, but with modern touches, are making Mighty FC model very interesting. Also, it doesn’t have some exceptional numbers in output. However, it is enough for towing on tough off-road conditions. Only lack is very high price. However, this model is still out of production plans, so there will be enough time for many changes.

Jeep Mighty FC concept

Jeep Mighty FC concept specs

Experts already have some numbers about Jeep Mighty FC concept. According to their sources, new pickup will have 3.6-l DOHC V-6 engine under the hood. This drivetrain is good for 285 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. Engine is made of aluminum block and heads, and it also features port fuel injection. Transmission is 5-speed automatic. There is also manual shifting mode as option. Power goes to all 4 wheels as only possibility for Mighty FC truck concept. These are just rumors, but it is likely that changes are coming. New truck is going to be modern and attractive, and many things can happen until its release date. For example, diesel powertrain or even hybrid.

Jeep Mighty FC concept cabin

Jeep Mighty FC concept design

Entire Jeep Mighty FC concept is very interesting. Especially its exterior. It is 2-door truck ready to take two passengers. Overall dimensions say that wheelbase is 117 inches long, out of total 200 inches of length. Furthermore, interior is nothing less magnificent. Plaid seats with leather finishes and stylish stitches are making new Mighty concept very cool. Nevertheless, touch-screen display is installed into classic-look control panel. Cabin is not full of various equipment, but what we can find there, is up to date and modern.

Jeep Mighty FC concept front

Jeep Mighty FC concept release details

New Jeep Mighty FC concept could be out in salons during 2018. However, its price is not something good as other parts of truck. If experts are right, Mighty FC truck is going to cost over $200,000.

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