Jeep Brute concept

Something that was part of the many rumors is coming for real. If we heard right, Jeep is developing new Brute truck. It will be conversion of the Wrangler JK. However, Jeep Brute concept predicts double cab configuration, with four doors and other additions. For example, this pickup is going to have larger bed, which also leads to better towing capacity. To support that, it is obvious that company must develop new engines. Furthermore, criticizing of off-road performance is another reason for this step. With these information, we are sure that new Brute will be incredible truck.

Jeep Brute concept

Jeep Brute concept engine

Few options are in the mix for new Brute pickup. For example, some experts believe that 3.6-l V-6 drivetrain, seen on some other models, could be the base unit. Also, there is more likely option. For example, some rumors are reporting about 4.0-l V-6 powertrain. Nevertheless, both of these are gasoline units. We are sure that Jeep Brute concept predicted diesel engine as well. It can bring better torque and overall performance. Furthermore, savings on fuel are significant, although Brute is not going to be fuel-friendly truck. We mustn’t exclude even bigger V-8 engines for this model, since Jeep announced improvements in performance.

Jeep Brute concept engine

Jeep Brute concept design

Since it is obvious that new Jeep Brute concept is based on the Wrangler, we believe most parts are going to be similar. However, new truck must have unique parts. Nevertheless, it is still a concept, so we are missing information about its parts. Many fans expect bigger ground clearance gap. This brings easier driving over big obstacles. Furthermore, for better off-road performance there must be strong and durable parts. This is especially important for front part, and there are of course bumper and grille. Also, headlights will offer LED lightning. In the back, bed is larger, and can take more cargo. Overall towing capacity increases with it and improved engine.

Jeep Brute concept bed

Jeep Brute concept release details

New Jeep Brute concept won’t come as production model before 2018. Also, it depends on development of new Wrangler. No confirmation came from company, but some sources are talking about 2019 and 2020 Brute. Until it is official, we will follow stories to find out more details about new truck.

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