Hummer HX Concept

The Hummer HX Concept exist for around 8 years. Fans saw it during Car Show in Detroit in 2008. It is off-road platform of 2-door truck, in short. Besides that, many other parts are unique and attractive. Exterior keeps traditional boxy look, of which Hummer is well-known. According to what we saw in Detroit, this vehicle is going to be small pickup. It siblings H2 and H3 are bigger than HX concept. Other parts similar to other trucks are independent suspensions and 4-wheel drive. We must wait to see what will be under the hood of the vehicle.

Hummer HX Concept

Hummer HX Concept idea

No one can say what is more attractive on Hummer HX Concept. Exterior is magnificent, but elegance of the cabin can match its breathtaking impression. Hummer continues to use its traditional boxy body design on this platform. However, with many details, designers made this vehicle futuristic and attractive. We must mention detachable roof as a highlight. Fans could saw HX concept in matte-olive paintjob. This color scheme is also present inside the cabin. Dashboard and door panels are among other parts wearing this color. New Hummer can take 4 passengers. Comfort is on high level, as well as infotainment system. There is no radio as a part of it, but attachment for digital devices is available.

Hummer HX Concept side

Hummer HX Concept engine

All fans can hear various rumors about engine for Hummer HX Concept. Only realistic and also certain gossip is about 3.6-l V-6 drivetrain. Engine features direct injection system and 4-wheel drive. This system is capable of producing 300 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque. Power goes to 6-speed transmission, automatically transferring it to wheels. New disc brakes boost handling, cornering and stopping power. There is also center differential locking system and few other features improving overall driving impression. However, fans are waiting for HX Concept release to see what it brings.

Hummer HX Concept interior

Hummer HX Concept release

New vehicle built on Hummer HX Concept could arrive in summer of 2017. Confirmation is still missing, but leaked info suggests so. Same as for dealership appearance, uncertainty of the price bothers all fans and enthusiasts. Since it is smaller than H2 and H3 siblings, HX model can be available for around $30,000.

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