2019 Ram Rampage

New arrivals from Ram are ready to be explored so we are here to tell you something more about this new truck. New 2019 Ram Rampage is new edition of high end pickup trucks which can bare all daily challenges. With new redesign and new materials involved, it is sure that market sale is going to be great. Comparing to its predecessors, we can see the difference between performance before and after. So we can make a conclusion that, not only new truck is made on new platform so it seems that opponents will do the same.

2019 Ram Rampage front

2019 Ram Rampage design

New model will be more luxurious than previous. With centered grille and high lightning, the front part i redesigned. Sporty appearance will attract many new fans also and younger ones. Shell is oversized in some opinion, but not so oversized as spacious. Inner cabin will have enough room to receive several people. Comfortable ride in inner materials such as leather, carbon and wood will give luxurious feel even so. LED technology is always present so we can use it in every part of the vehicle. This new 2019 Ram Rampage will be available in several colors although the main and standard color was always black carbon. Also, there is great cargo space in the back so it can be very thankful for transporting anything needed.

2019 Ram Rampage bed

2019 Ram Rampage engine

The new engine is coming very soon. There are some speculations about having hybrid powertrain but this is not sure yet. However, there is information about 5.7-l engine with huge output, but this is only first possibility. Other engine option for new 2019 Ram Rampage could be smaller V-8 displacement with turbocharger. This choice will apply only for USA market since demanding of that combo is higher.

2019 Ram Rampage side

2019 Ram Rampage price

Starting with new year, current release dates will change. So we can expect that new 2019 Ram Rampage will be on markets in late 2019 is however, presentation and end of production can be sooner. Estimated price for this truck should be around $52,000 for base models. More updated models will have higher price.

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