2019 Mercedes GLT

As a response to possible new generation of 2018 F-150 from Ford, Mercedes decided to launch their redesigned truck. It won’t happen in same year, giving German carmaker extra time for develop. Because of that we expect big achievements from 2019 Mercedes GLT. Concept of this vehicle exists, but release date has been part of rumors so far. Although there is no confirmation about 2019 year model yet, premiere is more certain than ever. Nevertheless, competition announced their moves for upcoming years, with new Silverado and Sierra on the way. At the end, buyers will benefit from strong competition, with better vehicles and lower prices.

2019 Mercedes GLT

2019 Mercedes GLT concept

Mercedes is dominating in most of the classes where they offer their products. However, German truck platform is still new and fans are waiting for a final product. Nevertheless, it brings luxurious features and stylish design. Inside, accent is on comfort. Knowing Mercedes, this model could start new era of trucking. Also, outside, new pickup is going to be breathtaking. Nevertheless, these kinds of vehicles are there to work. So, functionality is the main reason why people purchase them. If German carmaker is well-known of something, these are reliability and durability. Because of that, there is no need for doubts about 2019 Mercedes GLT.

2019 Mercedes GLT concept

2019 Mercedes GLT engine

There is a shortage of information about drivetrain and specifications of 2019 Mercedes GLT. Rumors are reporting about few versions of powertrains. New truck will be available as classic petrol vehicle, and other possibility is going to be diesel unit. Also, it is not clear yet if four-cylinder drivetrains or V-6 engines are going to be exploited. Estimations about power go around 190 hp, and 250-450 lb-ft of torque, depending on drivetrain. Truckers can pick between six-speed manual and 7-speed automatic transmissions. Estimated fuel economy numbers say that new GLT pickup can go around 24 mpg combined.

2019 Mercedes GLT cabin

2019 Mercedes GLT release and price

We can expect 2019 Mercedes GLT to appear late in 2018. Premie re should happen earlier, probably at some of large car shows in Europe. To be compatible, Mercedes will settle its product somewhere about $30,000. Nevertheless, price is going to be higher for upper trims with additional packages and extra equipment.

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