2019 Ford Ranger

It will be very interesting to see what redesigned 2019 Ford Ranger can bring. Discontinuation of production was hard to all US fans. Now, there is a reason for happiness and excitement. Ford decided back in 2012, to remove this vehicle from salons in US. Some thoughts was that two almost the same trucks can’t exist in same market. Carmaker made a choice and left F-150. However, seeing sales results of other companies, they changed their mind. It results with returning of Ranger in US lineup. Since this is the biggest market in the world, big things could happen. Redesign and new engine are just first of many.

2019 Ford Ranger

2019 Ford Ranger engine

Rumor about new 2019 Ford Ranger just appeared. So, there is shortage of clear information about the vehicle. Nevertheless, the carmaker has few good options for upcoming pickup. Also, these will need tuning, but it is better and cheaper than to develop and test new units. So, base engine could be 3.2-l turbocharged diesel drivetrain. Delivery of 190 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque seem to be reasonable for US truckers. Furthermore, this is reliable and durable engine, proven on international models. There will be two petrol engines in offer for 2019 season. Smaller 2.0-l is less certain than 2.3-l turbocharged four-cylinder powertrain. There are also other possibilities, but even more unlikely to happen.

2019 Ford Ranger seats

2019 Ford Ranger redesign

We all expect redesign of the truck. New generation is still far away, but updates on 2019 Ford Ranger could announce it. It is still early to talk or predict features and systems in this truck. However, we believe that company will try to lure buyers with appearance, and not only by performance. So, grille, lights on the both end, as well as bumpers, will get new look. Few cab configurations and trim level add more dimensions to truck. Inside, latest systems – infotainment, audio and safety, will offer more comfort.

2019 Ford Ranger side view

2019 Ford Ranger release date

Clearer information about equipment, release and price will be available during 2018. Then we could see it presented at some of the big car shows. Enthusiasts are waiting eagerly for it, and we believe 2019 Ford Ranger won’t disappoint.

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