2019 Fiat Strada

As the time passes market is overwhelmed by new arrivals especially with models which are expecting to come years ago. So, there is no doubt that we are having more models and higher class standard to keep in a move with needs and modernity. Interaction with new public and young public as well is the best way to create a vehicle for everyone taste. This new 2019 Fiat Strada is already preparing for USA market and now is more than clear that is time to win that area too. With the new redesign and great novelties, enlarged dimensions, and better performance this type of truck is the best solution for all truck fans from Italian producer.

2019 Fiat Strada

 2019 Fiat Strada engine

The new redesign is present in engine modifications as well. With 6-speed transmission is it sure that this powertrain will have a certain quality. Suspensions will also have a remake but in a positive way with no extra fuel losses. New 2019 Fiat Strada will have a fresh start with a 1.4-l petrol engine with a unique position in the center beneath the hood. This unit will make 185 hp, and the customer can purchase a model with 1.8-l displacement having better output. Results with other solution can go up to 125 hp. Fuel economy is reduced to a minimum and it has better environmental protection as well.

2019 Fiat Strada engine

2019 Fiat Strada design

This truck will have better design and well position in the inner line up. However, new 2019 Fiat Strada is already among better-looking trucks from the newer generation. According to closer data, the new truck will be larger dimensions with multiple choices of colors. With the upper roof and narrow hood, this truck will have sporty look and yet with classical features. Having spacious cabin and inner decoration of leather and wood, this pro-luxury type is more than a delight for everyone who likes to have a high class vehicle. Since this is just feature for the main prototype we are sure that will be some time for the company to explore other possibilities.

2019 Fiat Strada side

2019 Fiat Strada release

Keep in the current year, new 2019 Fiat Strada is coming in a middle of next year. So, there is enough time to consider all the price contents. Its price will be similar to its predecessor. But still, it’s too early for pricing.

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