2018 Toyota Hilux AT38

If you ever get stuck in snow, or any cold condition recognizable for North European countries, you will wish you were in 2018 Toyota Hilux AT38. This upgraded truck is excellent for these kinds of situations. Also, pickup can solve most of the obstacles easier than regular model. Yet, Arctic truck, as some call it, offers more safety than any other vehicle. Development of these kinds of pickups started in Iceland, since it has perfect terrain for testing. Latest information say that new 2018 year model is better than ever. It is more durable, reliable and aggressive. Performance gets a boost, as well as visual appearance.

2018 Toyota Hilux AT38

2018 Toyota Hilux AT38 engine

Under the hood of the 2018 Toyota Hilux AT38 is a 3.0-l turbo-diesel unit. It can make 170 hp and 270 pound-feet of torque. Also, four-cylinder drivetrain does not take too much fuel. Also, buyers can pick 6×6 drive system. Transmission is still unknown. It might be again 5-speed gearbox with optional manual or automatic shifting. Improvements are certain here, so as better performance.

2018 Toyota Hilux AT38 rear

2018 Toyota Hilux AT38 design

For 2018 Toyota Hilux AT38, we expect redesign. Framework is new, with higher usage of aluminum and carbon fiber. It makers truck lighter, but keeps the strength. Furthermore, pickup features big snow tires. Unique coil springs and Fox shocks bring balance and traction. New model has 13 inches of ground clearance, which is enough for toughest terrains.

2018 Toyota Hilux AT38 6x6

2018 Toyota Hilux AT38 price and release

It is a mystery, when could 2018 Toyota Hilux AT38 arrive. Nothing less interesting is its price. Rumors say that 6×6 version could go over $200,000. Costly adventure, but worth any penny, if you ask true fans of arctic snow. Gossips about release are not so often, but we could see new AT38 probably late in 2017. Also, premiere could happen in 2018 at some of the big car shows. Modifications are possible, and final numbers will be out as release date comes closer.

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