2018 Ram Rampage

The new 2018 Ram Rampage is going to be a real outstanding vehicle comparing to its predecessors. Upcoming pickup truck is supposed to show how mixture of classic and new age can be winning combination. One of the most important thing is improved performance and updated engine. With every new update and announcement new units will have more and more related features. However after final test trial we can say how it works on field.

2018 Ram Rampage

2018 Ram Rampage specs

The most important thing about this model is superb power in transmission. So, main update is regarding to engine specs. Plan is to use a 3.6-liter V-6 engine as main unit. It is secure that engine is capable of delivering 270 pound-feet of torque and at least 310 hp. Other solution is a 5.7-l V-8 variant which can produce 400 hp and 430 pound-feet of torque. An 8-speed automatic transmission system is going to be in use. Transmission like that will be overall for the Rampage trucks, and it will be strong enough to reach a towing capacity of maximum 10,000 pounds.

2018 Ram Rampage side

2018 Ram Rampage redesign

The main point about design is to create a different approach from external area. Designers decided to make a mark on height and to improve loss of weight. Using materials such as aluminum will make a lot in overall concept of a vehicle, because it reduces power wasting. Proportions will be equals, with slightly changes on hood and front bumper. Latest technology updates inner space, and there are very useful in lately. LED lights are also present in front and back, with secure folia that will keep light untouched.

2018 Ram Rampage interior

2018 Ram Rampage price

The new 2018 Ram Rampage comes in mid-2018 and by any chance test trial goes earlier we will have a closer look. Estimated price for base units will be $30,000 and with latest updates we can expect even higher price. After the holidays we will have some teasers even from production itself and bring closer details about release date.

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