2018 Ram 1500

Alongside redesign for 2019, Ram is preparing refreshment of their pickup lineup for 2018. Entry level model, truck 1500, is getting minor updates. On the other side, major changes are coming year after next. Nevertheless, spy photos uncover some details, but not too much. Not so many changes and heavy cover hide most of the truck. However, real fans can spot few new parts on 2018 Ram 1500. Nevertheless, this will be excellent move while we are all waiting for 2019 season and big upgrades. Also, company is launching 2018 Ram 2500 and 2018 Ram 3500 as some kind of announcement for redesign of pickup class.

2018 Ram 1500

2018 Ram 1500 engine

Current model of 1500 pickup gets power from 5.7-l V-8 Hemi engine. Same unit is coming for upcoming 2018 Ram 1500, and very probably 2019 Ram 1500. With some tuning, truck can go up to 400 hp and towing capacity closer to 11,000 lbs. Nevertheless, there should be 3.0-l EcoDiesel V-6 drivetrain as optional power heart. With it, new truck can go probably 26 mpg combined, with 30 mpg on highway. It is possible with new 8-speed automatic transmission. With all-wheel drive system, consumption is higher. However, than stability is better, as well as traction.

2018 Ram 1500 rear

2018 Ram 1500 redesign

Not many parts are going to suffer big changes on 2018 Ram 1500. Same 17-inch wheels present on 2016 year model are there on upcoming vehicle. But, seeing through heavy camo, we could spot changes on front end. Grille is probably the same, but lights could get a new look. This is experiment for next year and major redesign. Few new color schemes are added, so 2018 model really looks refreshed. Interior parts won’t make big difference. However, updates on current systems are certain. Seats, dashboard, steering wheel, will see more modifications with 2019 year model. Then, entire pickup lineup is getting serious changes.

2018 Ram 1500 release date

We doubt that company will present 2018 Ram 1500 at some big car show. They are preparing for 2019 season. Also, we believe that not all trims will be kept for it. Nevertheless, this edition is there just because of refreshment, and Ram pays more attention to new model.

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