2018 Mercedes X-class

New arrivals are here! With a gentle dose of excitement, we are announcing that new 2018 Mercedes X-class is finally here. One thing is sure, it will be available in German market mainly. The company decided to make a different choice and not to make an entrance on USA market. However, there was a word about having a breakthrough in Argentina. Using new materials in production and overall concept, the new mid-size truck is far more comfortable among all competitors. Sooth performance and eye-catching appearance will leave all potential clients speechless. Driving speaks for itself.

2018 Mercedes X-class

2018 Mercedes X-class design

According to some data, this truck will be slightly redesigned but some features remain the same. New 2018 Mercedes X-class will have larger dimensions with great cargo space. Inner space will be also larger and richer with two-row seats which will have enough room for all passengers. Higher taillights and wider tires will make the shell higher than usual. Larger bumpers are not so much bigger as they go underline. LED lighting technology is present in the overall concept. Inside are fine materials in use where we can find leather in combination with wood and some silky decorations.

2018 Mercedes X-class spy shot

2018 Mercedes X-class engine

Engine and its specs will have several solutions and trims. Since it will be available in Europe it is adjustable to its market. The transmission will be available on three trims level with four engine options. We are talking about four-wheel drive and six-speed manual which will be main choices. The truck will use Mercedes 4MATIC system which is a lower range in X-class. The basic and the smallest engine will be 4-cylinder x200 model with 164 hp and 334 lb-ft of torque. While the motor increases its stamina the strongest will be 6 cylinder diesel x350 with 254 hp and 404 lb-ft of torque.

2018 Mercedes X-class interior

2018 Mercedes X-class price

This model will mainly come out in Germany where is going to be introduced and the price will go round $45,000. Depending on how many additions will have and how engine functions will increase price is going to be changeable. Also, the 2018 Mercedes X-class is going to compete with upcoming Audi and BMW pickup trucks.

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