2018 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid

There is going to be a lot of new investments at Japanese car maker. There are several new products which will be launched in next year, but the main interest is just heading. New improvements are leading to creating a new area on pickup truck market for Honda sources. New arrival 2018 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid is new attempt to make a serious break down to the market and make a new series of trucks. With the new redesign and stronger power options, this model has promising features, which will attract many new fans.

2018 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid

2018 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid design

The new model will not have some specific changes on the overall design. Like the current model, new 2018 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid will have a slightly changed framework. Exterior will have a sporty and boxy look with nice lines on the front. This truck will be offered in a five-door system with wider doors and low power output.  With artistic approach and expensive materials in use, this truck is going to be luxurious one. With a spacious interior and nice materials inside, like genuine leather and black glass, this model will have unique sent for driving. Led technology is present in the overall system with latest tech advantages.

2018 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid system

2018 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid drivetrain

The 2018 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid will combine a 3.5-l V-6 and an electric motor. Furthermore, the petrol unit can produce around 280 horses. Batteries will help it gain additional 5-10%. A 9-speed automatic gearbox is power router. By default, 2018 Ridgeline Hybrid will use a 2WD, while 4WD is optional. With plug-in drive, the truck will be able to run 30 mpg. Comparing to other models in the same class, it is excellent output. Just for an example, the most fuel-friendly pickups in the segment are Ford F-150 and Ram 1500 with 25 mpg. However, Ford announced its hybrid truck, and some other companies are considering a soon launch of the same drivetrain.

2018 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid engine

2018 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid release date

The new Ridgeline truck is on the market already. The cost of the base model is just under $30,000 though. The 2018 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid is going to cost probably $3,000-4,000 more. However, we will know more about this model in next couple of months. Honda will probably launch it during summer.

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