2018 GMC Sierra Elevation

New GMC arrivals will show what is high quality and demand. With new technologies and materials, new 2018 GMC Sierra Elevation will be the right choice for all truck fans worldwide. Developing new materials and sources for the engine, makes new performance stronger, with more effect than at previous models. Dimensions will be changed and for the brand itself, this is going to be a significant change. More news will be available by the end of 2018 since there are no totally correct answers to some questions. There will be more teasers and spy shots during the trial tests on the open road. This version of the truck will be as exciting as the upcoming hybrid pickup.

2018 GMC Sierra Elevation

2018 GMC Sierra Elevation redesign

The new truck will have several changes on the exterior and it will have many inner decorations available. With changed design, this new 2018 GMC Sierra Elevation will require several modifications. Exterior will have larger dimensions and it will have a sporty and still classic appearance. With new LED technology which is present in overall concept, this truck will have unique and blast lights front and back. Inside will be enough room for three bed designs, short, medium and long. With two-row seats, made of leather materials and wood details, this interior will have significant attention. New technology is also present and it makes a lot of difference among previous models.

2018 GMC Sierra Elevation dashboard

2018 GMC Sierra Elevation engine

New 2018 GMC Sierra Elevation will have several different engine possibilities. Combining several technologies and fuel reduction techniques, we can show several engine solutions for this truck. There will be serious changes, and customers can make a choice among offered trims. The first option is 4.3-liter V6  with 6-speed transmission and is official. Then, the second option is 6.2-liter V8 which is paired with 8-speed transmission with towing power capacity of 12,500 pounds. A smaller engine can gain 335hp, and stronger could deliver a 420hp of torque.

2018 GMC Sierra Elevation rear

2018 GMC Sierra Elevation price

The new 2018 GMC Sierra Elevation Edition has a colorful range of prices according to the size and the model of the car. The price will go from $29,500 to $ 72,000. The release date of 2018 GMC Sierra Elevation Edition is still unknown, but we can expect it in the middle of the next year. Surely, after the final presentation, we will have more data which can closely deliver to out data source.

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