2018 Ford Super Chief

American car maker is once again making a new fresh start with new products and with unique platforms. Like we use to, new 2018 Ford Super Chief is a special concept of new details in design and performance. They made many novelties on the engine itself so we can expect many new updates and exterior modifications. With nice commercial moves, this vehicle is promoted as the best choice for everyday use. With the aggressive appearance, this truck is the strongest in class and has many promising estimations. Ford is true and confident carmaker which will deliver a true quality and justified price, like for F-150 truck.

2018 Ford Super Chief

2018 Ford Super Chief design

This model will have a very heavy shell, which will be quite different by its dimensions. New 2018 Ford Super Chief will have futuristic look and aggressive appearance, with luxurious moments, is interior. This model is meant to be in use for heavy purposes since the ground clearance is over 79 inches and 21-inch wheels. Shell is boxy with sporty details and on-base grill we can notice logo, also at the top of the engine hood. LED tech is always welcome and it takes its place in the interior also.

2018 Ford Super Chief

2018 Ford Super Chief engine specs

Among all engine features and novelties, Ford had an idea to make its models more unique and with a stronger performance. Ford attempt to develop an environment-friendly engine which is running on friendly fuels and which will reduce a fuel expend. It is sure that this new 2018 Ford Super Chief will have 6.8-liter 30 valves engine which can produce 550 hp and 400lb-ft.  This vehicle will have several fuel options. There are gas, E85 ethanol, and hydrogen. However, as the results of tests shows, the best current option is hydrogen fuel.

2018 Ford Super Chief v10

2018 Ford Super Chief price

The final presentation will happen by the end of current year and be launching in mid-2018. New 2018 Ford Super Chief is going to cost $60,000 for base units. More updated models will have a higher price, depending on which state they have updated features. Competition is not for underestimate, and they are models from Toyota, Gm Heavy Duty, and many other car houses.

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