2018 Ford Ranger

We can proudly say that Ford company has made a quite surprise for all fans and lovers of this type of vehicle. Ford has prepared something new for US market and demanding is already high. We won’t doubt in success of 2018 Ford Ranger after launching. Some parts will stay same, but redesigned. Fans can expect many updates in inner space and innovations under the hood. Some sources say that Ford considers production in Mexico, which will be a little bit closer to American market. That was announced in 2015, but this company will set the production in 2018.

2018 Ford Ranger

2018 Ford Ranger changes

New 2018 Ford Ranger will not have any superior changes. Designers agreed that new coming model should keep current colors and minor changes will be visible. There would be couple of innovations. This mid-size truck can offer better cabin conditions and inner space for driver and the passengers. Extended cabin will be a good idea for U.S. market since they demand many similar models. Critics are expecting modified truck with more space and wider sides. The bumpers and headlights will not be changed any significantly. On the other hand large front air dam will keep less fuel for more power.

2018 Ford Ranger rear view

2018 Ford Ranger drivetrain

There would be a new option for these kinds of vehicle. The 2018 Ford Ranger is going to carry over existing model of drivetrain. That means engine can get to 185 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque. Other possibility is to have engine which has the 2.7-liter EcoBoost V-6. In the F-150 the engine makes 325 horsepower and 375 pound-feet of torque. That would be more than enough to satisfy all the tasks expected from one Ranger. Also with a new redesign, engine will be powerful enough to save fuel but without losing power.

2018 Ford Ranger interior

2018 Ford Ranger price

There is no doubt that Ford has no competitor when quality comes on market. Some rumors say that price would not be so high like previous models. Nevertheless, 2018 Ford Ranger will start with price from about $23,500. But what is also important – this model is planned for 2018 or even 2019. So, there is no question that the price would be higher, but not much.

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