2018 Ford F-750

With current competition and out coming trends, the famous car maker is developing new technology and refreshments in overall line up in new 2018 Ford F-750. Improvement in design and performance will have main influence in selling department. The younger audience will be pleased with upcoming novelties since there is the impressive hauling capacity of 38,000 pounds. With two varieties of trims XLT and XL, this model is different than the predecessor. New performing skills and engine specs will ensure nice ride and joyful impression. Designers are more than excited to present new model with an important update.

2018 Ford F-750

2018 Ford F-750 redesign

There was some time where we did not see any significant change in this type of vehicles. Ford is making many updates. This full-size truck 2018 Ford F-750 has many of them. Many significant changes are on the exterior and it is noticeable on the front part. There is massive front grille with big two wholes under. Great bumpers are serving better air flow. The LED lighting system is present and is infiltrated in the overall concept. Wheels are the same for all seasons and it can be big up to 19.5 inches. Interior is spacious and has more comfort for passengers and drivers. Genuine leather materials combined with latest Google+ tech makes this vehicle unique.

2018 Ford F-750 cabin

2018 Ford F-750 engine

Considering new update and refreshed specs about new 2018 Ford F-750 there will be several engine possibilities available. Some data says it is going to be 6.7-liter PowerStroke V-8 turbo-diesel engine available as the first choice. This engine is strong and can deliver 270hp and 676 lb-ft of torque. Another possibility is a motor with 330 horsepower and 725 pound-feet of torque. This is the ideal truck for those who love to have a vehicle with great hauling capacity. Although it is certain that, with any of this engine specs, is an environmentally safe technology with significant fuel savings.

2018 Ford F-750

2018 Ford F-750 release date and price

This model will be available during the next year on British market mainly. Price is starting with the price for base models and price will go round $71,000. Having in mind that this truck has many additions and new equipment, there will be no wonder if the price goes higher. However, for less money, buyers can choose F-650.

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