2018 Ford F-550

Ford is finalizing refreshment of its entire heavy-duty truck segment. After changes in 2017 on F-650 and F-750, now it is time to see bigger updates on these vehicles, and 2018 Ford F-550. Although this class is not popular as small utility trucks, there is a need for them. That is where Ford is dominating. The heavy-duty segment is an area where no other company has any chance against Ford. However, this truck-maker is at the top because of its reliability and performance. Also, huge towing capacity and comfort will make any buyer think only about F-550 and no other truck. Its price is not so cheap, but it is worth every penny.

2018 Ford F-550

2018 Ford F-550 engine

A great engine is an important part of every stronger vehicle and so is for 2018 Ford F-550. There was a rumor about having a 380 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque. According to some recent data, there will be two solutions available. Fist one will be a turbo-diesel engine with more torque and with less power though. However, there is some word of having a petrol engine which can be useful for improving both of them on every end. Within having a 6.8 – 1 V8 drivetrain, it should gain more than 450hp and 500lb-ft. The main choice will be 6-speed manual gearbox, otherwise, there is going to change into the 8-speed gearbox.

2018 Ford F-550 cabin

2018 Ford F-550 redesign

With new improved parts of the overall line up, the new Ford-550 design is going to be powerful and sporty. Containing all components necessary, the exterior will attract many new interested buyers. This pickup will be very powerful and strong composition. Shell is a unique mixture of several metals which gives its stamina and comfort. Although grille, hood, and roof are a little bit classical formation, its interior has a different story. Inner space is spacious and equipped with fine materials. Nice surrounding is more than a driver needs from existing day. With soft seats and leather materials and decorations, this unit is way ahead of its predecessors. Control panel is more than a delight having new programs which are more and more innovative. All that impression is enough to achieve and create a new standard.

2018 Ford F-550

2018 Ford F-550 price

There are also many speculations about final performance and trims are going to be a part of 2018 lineup. However, the new estimated base price for new Ford F-550 is going to be around $38,000. And yet, there is absolutely certain that updated models and stronger performance will be priced over $55,000.

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