2018 Fiat Toro

Italian carmaker is doing his effort to make and provide the best high-quality products. New arrivals are always present so as new 2018 Fiat Toro which is already ensuring its place among strong competitors. Novelties are culminating what so ever, and there is always new solutions for some changes in future. With new updates and especially engine performance, this truck is more than promising. One of the best things is concept itself which can attract all generations if they searching for something valuable and promising. Many updates are available and ready for tests so there is more for us to learn about.

2018 Fiat Toro

2018 Fiat Toro styling

Trucks are always more complicating than rest of the models. But, some of them are more than easy. New 2018 Fiat Toro creates a new concept and closely reduced line up. Shell itself has a different dimension which is larger in some parts and made of stable materials. Grill will be a perfect match with the front part which is making the vehicle more modern. However, there is new infotainment system. It makes this truck safer, with the new braking system. Also LED lightning force is here to provide better entrance to all heavy terrains and foggy weather.

2018 Fiat Toro dashboard

2018 Fiat Toro engine

Having a new entrance both on European and USA market, there are always several different discussions about 2018 Fiat Toro engine. The first solution is hybrid 1.8 liter 4-cylinder drivetrain. Another possibility is 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine which will probably be the main choice. There will be the difference between motors, so the first option can gain 140hp, while diesel option can have near 185 hp and 310 lb-feet of torque. The transmission will be between 6-9 speed box automatic. With features like that, this is more likely to be one strong car with less competition.

2018 Fiat Toro engine

2018 Fiat Toro price

With new arrivals and competition, his truck is a nice rival. With base estimated price for first units about $25000. Among Chevrolet and Ford, this series of trucks and especially new 2018 Fiat Toro will come late in 2018. Meanwhile, there is going to be more surprises from Italian carmaker, with new Strada waiting for the debut.

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