2017 Suzuki Equator 

Some rumors whispered about future of 2017 Suzuki Equator. Main problem was poor sale records on US and Canada market. Because of the bad presentation and sell, the company decided to reduce the production and make a break. In 2012, the final cut of this type of model happened. This time some things will change. Now, in 2017, we expect changes and refresh. Final redesign should be more effective on appearance itself, and so as the presentation. The good commercial is a half of good bargain, so a great break on the market could happen.

2017 Suzuki Equator

2017 Suzuki Equator redesign

Redesigned and innovated, pickup truck seems to be promising. This model has a shape of mid-size pickup, with improved platform and more aggressive features. The 2017 Suzuki Equator will come back in different design. Several things will affect on final appearance such as color, lights and front line. Although the concept will be similar like the base on Nissan Frontier, the company decided to improve it. Exterior is new from many angles. LED lights are in use front and back, which are, we all know, very useful and necessary. The hood should be narrower, but that is not confirmed yet. On the other hand, the inner design is also interesting. There will be five seating places with larger cab configurations.

2017 Suzuki Equator rear

2017 Suzuki Equator engines

According to some sources, 2017 Suzuki Equator will have the similar features as the Frontier. So, the base engine should be a 2.5 liter 4-cylinder petrol engine. That one can produce up to 150 hp. There is a possibility for company to decide to offer Equator on other world markets, so we can expect a diesel version of powertrain. Possible diesel unit is a 2.3-liter 4-cylinder engine, which is available in couple configurations, and power range between 100 and 150 hp. The transmission we expect is 6-speed manual, with optional 7-speed automatic in offer.

2017 Suzuki Equator engine

2017 Suzuki Equator release date

As much as we hope, the final release date is not confirmed yet. The rumors say that will happen during 2017. Other side of the story is that 2017 Suzuki Equator arrives with delay. There is no closer info about the price, but estimations are not expensive. But we should know more in the beginning of 2017.

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