2017 Renault Duster Pickup

Minor update of the 2017 Renault Duster Pickup will make this truck more attractive. Its older sibling, crossover model, is going to borrow some parts. This vehicle is coming to South America first, and then in other parts of the world. Updates in styling and modifications under the hood will be the biggest changes. Also, there are new wheels and transmission system. However, there will be some parts from Nissan trucks, since Japanese and French companies are cooperating in this segment. Upcoming Duster Pickup will benefit from it, and sales are certainly going to jump.

2017 Renault Duster Pickup

2017 Renault Duster Pickup engines

There are two engines prepared for 2017 Renault Duster Pickup. First is a 1.6-l 4-cylinder powertrain. Combined with 5-speed manual gearbox, it can deliver 105 horses and 110 lb-ft of torque, or about 150 Nm. There is also ethanol version of the truck, with slightly higher output. Other possibility is a 2.0-l also 4-cylinder drivetrain. Bigger unit can make more power, paired with 6-speed manual transmission. Total numbers of this engine are 135 hp and 200 Nm, or 145 lb-ft of torque. Both drivetrains are available with automatic transmission and AWD.

2017 Renault Duster Pickup cabin

2017 Renault Duster Pickup redesign

Duster is a new truck in the market. However, crossover turned into pickup is not bad idea. Many users and fans of SUV are going to test a truck, and company is doing everything to present excellent vehicle. Because of that, many things are different comparing to crossover. For example, 2017 Renault Duster Pickup has large grille, with big badge on it. Then, we have new LED lights and fog lights. Inside, infotainment system holds connectivity for smart-phone and USB. Leather covers seats and upholstery. Touchscreen display is standard for all units and trim levels.

2017 Renault Duster Pickup roof

2017 Renault Duster Pickup release and price

New 2017 Renault Duster Pickup will cost just under $20,000. Experts believe that top of the class model won’t go over $25,000. Nevertheless, we will know better after the premiere of this truck. New arrival could be presented during next few months. Brazilian truckers will be first to see it on their salons. Soon after that, we will see new Duster Pickup in Asia, Australia and other markets.

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