2017 Ford F-650

Super duty lineup of truck are very popular ever since they hit the market in 2000. Now, we can see all advantages of 2017 Ford F-650. This one and its bigger sibling F-750, are excellent towing vehicles. Nevertheless, except on performance, employers in Ford paid a lot of attention to styling. With many cab configuration options, trucks are going to offer something even for the most demanding buyers. However, new F-650 won’t be available worldwide. In 2014 from Mexico to Ohio, and new 2017 season model will come from this factory.

2017 Ford F-650

2017 Ford F-650 engine

Under the hood of the 2017 Ford F-650 we can find 6.8-l Triton gasoline V-10 unit. Engine is ready to deliver 320 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque. Gearbox that transfers power to wheels is TorqShift HD 6-speed automatic transmission. Double overdrive function is available on this, and secondary drivetrain. Other option is 6.7-l turbo-diesel V8. This kind of engine can make less power, around 270 hp, but increase torque level make things up. With this drivetrain, 2017 Ford F-650 can get 675 pound-feet. New truck has extended fluid change interval, which is now recommended after 150,000 miles. Finally, power delivery can be better with new selectable tow/haul modes.

2017 Ford F-650 cabin

2017 Ford F-650 trims

New 2017 Ford F-650 is available in few levels of equipment and drivetrains. Base unit is SD Gas Pro Loader, with cruise control and manual air-conditioning as standard features. Then, higher trim is SD Gas Straight Frame, with additional equipment. Nevertheless, trucks are very similar. Significant upgrade comes with 2017 F-650 SD Diesel Pro Loader. Here, drivetrain also contains the most notable modification. Similar to gasoline models, diesel has Straight Frame variant. Top of the class truck is F-650 SD Tractor. Its safety features, as well as infotainment and interior equipment, lead the way among entire lineup.

2017 Ford F-650 side view

2017 Ford F-650 prices

Entry level model of the 2017 Ford F-650 carries $56,000 price tag. However, other gasoline option has similar price. Significant difference is coming with $10,000 more expensive diesel vehicle. Furthermore, the most expensive model is Tractor, with price of $69,000. Smaller truck, F-550 is cheaper, and more power and towing capacity is available with, of course,  F-750 models.

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