2017 Dodge Ram Rebel

Dodge is battling many companies for market share in US. However, their archrivals are vehicles from Ford, Because of that, this is the most interesting competition in truck segment. One of the reasons is upcoming model, the 2017 Dodge Ram Rebel. This pickup threatens to spoil dominance of F-150 and its entire lineup. However, plans are one thing, and reality is completely different. New Ram Rebel will be excellent vehicle, but Ford is supreme in this class. Nevertheless, time will say its words, and all fans are going to testify if Dodge succeeds.

2017 Dodge Ram Rebel

2017 Dodge Ram Rebel engine

From existing concept we know that power for 2017 Dodge Ram Rebel comes from big unit. It is a supercharged 6.2-liter V-8. This unit can make almost 600 horses. We must wait to see if further improvements will appear. Transmission is certain, and it is 8-speed automatic gearbox. Hellcat vehicles are using the same transmission, and it seems like perfect choice. Front brakes are 6-pistons. Buyers can choose between all-wheel and rear-wheel drive. Other specifications are unknown yet. Experts will soon have estimations on fuel economy and torque level. For sure, it is going to be very high.

2017 Dodge Ram Rebel interior

2017 Dodge Ram Rebel design

Many parts for 2017 Dodge Ram Rebel are borrowed from their siblings and other vehicles from same manufacturer. So, we have massive tires with 13 inches of travel. These make truck very stabile‚ and also well-balanced. Ram 1500 gave front axle and rear suspensions. Other parts, such as rear fenders and chrome grille are new and unique for Ram Rebel. Redesign of the hood includes more usage of aluminum and other lightweight material. However, it doesn’t affect performance and attractiveness of pickup. Notable changes are wider wheel arches and aggressive headlights.

2017 Dodge Ram Rebel rear

2017 Dodge Ram Rebel release and price

Fans are going to wait eagerly end of 2017. New truck arrives then, and it should compete new Raptor from Ford. Experts believe that suitable price of base models of the 2017 Dodge Ram Rebel should be around $27,000. Confirmation can come soon, and premiere is expected at some of the big car shows, probably in US.

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  1. Priscilla says:

    I currently lease a chevy Silverado but would like to trade in for a dodge either truck of Van. Does Dodge have an engine that has the power of a V-8 and can adjust to a V-4 for better gas mileage, like the Silverado has.

    I use to have a Dodge full size van with a 318. I would like to see a conversion of the Dodge MiniVan to a full size with flexible power capabilities like I mentioned above.Towing ability of 10k to 11k lbs. To top it off a Red, White, and Blue patriotic scheme would be AWESOME. oh yeah I’d like this for 2018 trade in time. thanks from an Air Force Retired Veteran.

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